It was said that The Eagle and the Condor are inseparable from the two ways accessible to mankind. As people, as gatherings, individuals on the way of the Eagle would foster their acumen, and individuals on the way of the Condor would foster their association with the Earth. These two spirits shared the skies calmly for quite a while, heading out in a different direction and flying their own ways. The Prophecy God anticipates of a conflict, that the Eagle would turn on the Condor, and that – for 500 (500) years there would be such a lopsidedness of force that the Condor public would be driven almost to eradication.


This awkwardness was supposed to happen at the surmised point of European colonization – in 1492, with the appearance of Extreme Eagle individuals from Europe. This appearance would (and drove) the Spirit of the Condor into stowing away, profound into the wildernesses of the South. For sure, this period denoted the start of another rule over North and South American mainlands. Predominance over land and assets, bondage and destruction, ravenousness and industrialization changed the cutting edge Americas into its present-day structure.