Which Azure Support Plan Is Right for Your Business

As a part of the primary carrier, Azure Service Health facilitates you mitigate downtime through staying informed of whilst carrier incidents or planned preservation happens. With custom designed cloud indicators and a customized dashboard, you’ll be capable of reveal your cloud sources.


The Basic Support plan does not permit for telephone or email technical help.


Developer Support


The Azure Developer Support subscription plan is for trial and non-manufacturing environments. For $29 in step with month, you’ll get the entirety in the fundamental plan and have get entry to to unlimited technical guide throughout commercial enterprise hours. You’ll additionally get:


Assistance with non-Microsoft technology problems

24/7 guide by means of smartphone and electronic mail

General steerage in structure assist

Initial reaction time within 8 business hours

Online Support


Through the Azure portal, you’ll be able to submit your assist tickets. And, must you want, you’ll have get entry to to 2 online forums and Twitter assist. Initial reaction time for this help is inside eight enterprise hours.


Standard Support


The third Azure guide plans, to be had for manufacturing workload environments, is $100 according to month. You’ll acquire all of the above aid and be able to set the severity of your problems. Initial response times vary from 1 to 8 business hours, relying on the assigned severity of the incident.


Professional Direct


The fourth Azure assist plan is to be had for business-important dependence environments and fees $1000 in line with month. The plan is pleasant for mid-sized to massive organizations in which uptime is essential to enterprise operations. This plan consists of:


Escalation control for priority issues

ProDirect Managers

Deployment and migration planning

Improvements to overall performance, reliability and recoverability

Support API


Advisory Consultation

Initial response instances range from 1 to four commercial enterprise hours, depending at the severity of the effect event. When you have got Nortec’s managed digital machines and controlled backups and data healing, Professional Direct Support is included.


How to change your Azure Support plan


If you decide to change your azure support plan, you may cancel it inside the Azure portal or the Microsoft Customer Agreement portal, depending on in which you have signed up. Then, you’ll be able to purchase a higher-tier plan or use the Basic Support plan.







Does Azure guide cybersecurity?


As Microsoft says, safety is the muse of Azure. From bodily infrastructure to operations, cybersecurity experts protect your business information and property with multi-layered protection. Azure offers extra proactive and comprehensive insurance to safeguard your records than any other cloud service company.


How to Contact Azure Support


To touch Azure Support, you ought to use the Azure portal and pick “Support” from the menu bar to create a guide ticket. The plan you have and the severity of your issue will determine the response time for this aid request.