What is Auto Transport and Vehicle Shipping?

What paperwork is involved?

Shipping your car is a fairly simple transaction that shouldn’t require mountains of office work. The maximum essential report is the invoice of lading, a receipt for what’s been loaded onto the carrier. This report records your automobile’s situation before and after the circulate and acts as evidence that your vehicle changed into introduced.


You’ll also acquire documentation about your delivery company’s coverage phrases and situations. Shippers are required by way of regulation to hold coverage, but the amounts can range from agency to company. Read those information carefully to make sure you’re getting sufficient coverage.


In addition, a few shippers may additionally offer an order affirmation form and car inspection record. In rare instances, you will be requested to offer your car’s name and registration, proof of car insurance or image ID.


What occurs if my vehicle gets broken?

Your shipper’s required insurance must guard in opposition to any damage to your vehicle in the course of delivery — but simplest if it’s due to enterprise negligence or equipment failure on their part. Most automobile shipping rules have barriers, which may also consist of “acts of God” like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or tornadoes. Always ask for evidence of insurance and details about insurance, exclusions and viable deductibles. Check along with your vehicle coverage agency to discover in case your coverage offers insurance for vehicles being shipped, too.


Once you’re reunited together with your automobile, look at it carefully. In the unlikely event that it arrives broken, be aware it on your bill of lading. Be positive that your driving force recognizes and signs off on these damages, after which contact the transport company and your very own automobile coverage provider proper away to report claims.


How do I put together my automobile for transport?

Start via getting rid of all of your private possessions from the indoors and trunk, and expend most of your fuel so that your vehicle ships with most effective approximately 1 / 4 tank. This reduces total national car transport weight but still leaves you sufficient gas to get around adequately after shipping. You’ll additionally need to make certain you’ve got an extra set of keys for the shipping driving force.


For most safety from the elements, do not forget having your car washed and waxed shortly earlier than its adventure. A fresh coat of wax enables repel any water, bugs and particles your car may also come into contact with in the course of shipping. It’s also smart to take photos of your automobile as visual proof of its situation.

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