The Purpose of the Church

The cause of the church is 3-fold. The church comes together (assembles) for the cause of bringing each member into religious adulthood (Ephesians four:13). The church reaches out (scatters) to unfold the affection of Christ and the gospel message to unbelievers in the international (Matthew 28:18-20). This is the Great Commission, to exit into the world and make disciples. So, the motive of the church is to minister to believers and unbelievers.

The church, each in the prevalent and local experience, is critical due to the fact it’s miles the primary vehicle through which God carries out his purposes in the world. The church is the frame of Christ—his coronary heart, his mouth, his palms, and ft—achieving out to the sector:

The ideal cause of the church is to love and worship God via Jesus Christ and make him regarded in the course of the sector.

The church is the frame of Christ—all the people who take delivery of Christ’s present of salvation and follow Christ’s teachings. CHRIST THE KING EV. LUTHERAN CHURCH Palatine, IL It is much greater than a building. In the Bible, “church” in no way refers to a constructing. It continually refers to humans—the folks who observe Jesus Christ.

Being a part of the body of Christ approach we’re called to be constantly fashioned to be increasingly more like Christ. This occurs by means of letting the Word of God, the Bible, manual our religion and our lives, by worshiping God and celebrating the sacraments that Jesus gave us, and via residing in community with every different.

Becoming a member of the church means which you belong to Jesus Christ and which you belong to the human beings of God. The church is also known as “the bride of Christ,” emphasizing that the church is joined in a deep and intimate dating with Jesus, and is sure to him by means of a covenant just like the covenant of marriage.