Short message for prayer meeting

The apostles found out their management styles from the Master, Jesus Christ. Ransack the Gospels for Jesus’ coaching and practice of prayer, and you’ll pick out 37 verses, every now and then repeated in a couple of Gospel. Of the ones 37 times in which Jesus refers to prayer, 33 of them have been addressed to a plural rather than singular audience. In other phrases, Jesus’ training decisively leaned closer to praying with others, now not simply praying in non-public. Take, for example, Matt. 7:7: “Keep asking, and it’ll be given to you. Keep looking, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the prayer groups door may be opened to you.” We examine “you” in that verse and straight away assume it’s singular, regarding an character. In truth, it is a plural “you,” meaning Jesus is urging a meeting of believers to ask, are looking for, and knock.
In different passages, Jesus intentionally emphasised the significance of praying together. Listen to Matt. 18:19: Again, I guarantee you: If  of you on the earth agree approximately any be counted that you pray for, it will likely be carried out for you by means of My Father in heaven. Jesus should have stated, “If all of us asks…;” alternatively, He intentionally selected to emphasize a set amassed for prayer. This awareness of Jesus’ on multiple praying shows that there’s a layout of God’s in such gatherings, via which He uniquely and powerfully works.