Pigeon Control and Removal

Anti-chicken spikes or ‘spike strips’ are a hard and fast of attachable spikes that can be established to a floor to prevent pigeons from perching or nesting in regions you need to preserve chicken-free. The spikes will not usually damage the birds, which is ideal with the intention to live at the proper aspect of the regulation; however, the spikes will deter the birds from setting up store anywhere the spikes are laid.


Parallel Wires

Bird-proofing with parallel wires is a extremely good manner to keep pigeons far from your roof or different areas of your property which might be appealing to the birds. Pigeon Removal Gold Coast This method works by way of using parallel wires that run across the form that prevents pigeons from landing and nesting.


Bird Netting

Bird netting is quite ugly however may be very powerful at keeping pigeons out of positive locations. This mesh netting works similar to the previous examples and creates a internet barrier that forestalls the birds from nesting.


Bird Gels

A sticky trap, or sticky gel, is a hen repellent that maintains pigeons at bay by way of the usage of a chemical that creates a translucent barrier all through structures that reasons a hen’s ft to come to be caught to the floor, which makes the chook battle to get loose. A pigeon couldn’t need to go through the revel in of having to interrupt freed from the sticky chemical a second time and consequently, will avoid landing on structures that incorporate the gel.


Decoy Kites

Decoy kites can get rid of chicken populations with the aid of the usage of the use of a kite-fashioned decoy chook picture to sway within the wind to discourage a pigeon from landing in a certain region. This technique can be effective, however it can’t art work due to the fact decoys can every now and then be without issue left out, which makes this technique elaborate to remove pigeons.