How to Properly Care For Your Contact Lenses

Before wearing contact lenses, be sure to check for damage and debris. Discard damaged lenses and call your eye doctor immediately. After cleaning the lens, gently reinsert it into your eyes. If the lenses are uncomfortable, stop wearing them immediately and contact your eye doctor. When in doubt, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them thoroughly before putting them back in. To avoid removing the lens while you’re bathing or taking a shower, keep your eyes open and pull your lower eyelid to remove it.

To remove a lens from your eye, wet your hands with the contact solution and gently rub the lens until it comes out korean circle lenses AU clean. Next, insert the lens into the case. Then, place it back in your eye. Make sure to cover the contact lens completely with the solution. If you do not properly care for your contact lenses, they can lead to various eye infections and conditions. Listed below are some guidelines for proper lens care. The first step is to rinse your eyes thoroughly.

When inserting the contact lens, make sure to keep the lens moist. Always use the lens cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. If your lenses do become too dirty, do not try to clean them with water. You should also wash your hands with soap after handling the lens. It is also a good idea to check the orientation of the lens before putting it back into your eye. To clean your contact lenses, insert the right lens first and insert it into the case.