How to Construct a Beer Bong

Glass is the go-to choice for most domestic grown fanatics in mild of the truth that the material dietary supplements the taste of colourful plants. All glass waterpipes highlight a remedy to address outrageous temperatures with out breaking or debasing in quality. Experience your spice its greatest potential with glass waterpipes from the Greenhut.


We likewise have a broad dedication of famous current waterpipe substances like acrylic and silicone. These pieces are super if you have any preference to store or want a convenient preference. While there is definitely no longer an any most well known selection over glass structured in reality upon taste, we try to convey just super choices that lead to unfortunate flavor or a mind-boggling fragrance.


All our waterpipes arrive in distinct shapes and sizes, yet the least disturbing manner is to store by means of fabric.

We suggest going with glass bongs whilst plausible because of the honestly unrivaled taste. In any case, within the occasion that you are powerless to breaking your piece, you may need to ponder a more solid material. Silicone is the most grounded and maximum realistic sort of waterpipe available today. Since we just carry the first-class brands within the business, you could track down a sturdy preference that sincerely praises your spice of choice.


Peruse waterpipes to peer our entire collection.

Embrace the Future of Herbal Consumption with Vaporizers

Vaporizers offer an powerful, circumspect, and versatile alternative in assessment to exemplary smoking techniques. Whether you incline in the direction of dry spices or concentrates, Greenhut has the suitable unit for your necessities.


Smoking with a vaporizer is the most latest development in smoking innovation. At Greenhut, we’re passionate about the development of our manner of existence and simply choose the forerunners within the commercial enterprise in our vaporizer preference. Subsequently, you’ll discover the most innovative selections from brands like Storz and Bickel, Xvape, Flowermate, Davinci, and Airis, all suitable at the maximum ideal fee for NZ clients.



Flowermate, Davinci, and Xvape have fashions ideal for the in a rush. Each emblem highlights ingenious warming components permitting you to encounter the most ideal flavor right now.

One of our primary brands in the commercial enterprise is Storz and Bickel, maker of the spring of gushing lava vaporizer. While the well-known German-designed brand is brilliant for advancing herbal vaping into the usual many years prior, they hold on coming out on pinnacle. The new fountain of liquid magma models are certainly a demonstration of the resourcefulness of our way of life.